Meters with Sense make a difference

Sense’s real-time home intelligence is integrated with the market’s leading next-generation smart meters.


4 things you need to know before you select your next meter

Sense by numbers

The energy transformation

Proliferation of smart devices
and sophisticated residential controls are
creating new levers to optimize the grid.
Understanding them holistically as opposed to
individual components is critical to harnessing
their transformative possibilities.

Traditional demand response programs won’t meet future
reliability goals. Linking renewable energy supplies
and demand flexibility that delivers continuous automation
of demand side load is needed.

Effective decarbonization is getting closer every day.
From the electrification of home heating and EVs,
to the integration of DERs, balancing load growth
is critical to both utilities and customers.
Consumers want to manage their home energy like their media,
finances, or communications-- in real-time. Traditional programs
that provide insights monthly, bi-monthly, or even the next
day don’t match the pace of today’s world.

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Learn more about partnering with Sense

Partnering with utilities to succeed

Sense gives utilities an unprecedented view of the grid, improving customer
experiences and reliability and supporting electrification

Delivering beyond

Sense activates change. Deciding how and when they consume energy, consumers lower their bills while achieving shared climate goals.

Redefine reliability

Sense brings visibility from behind-the-meter to the transformer and beyond. Identify and localize faults, plan for future electrification. Grid operators now have the data they need.

Meet carbon
reduction goals

Due to electrification, utilities must engage customers about shifts in energy resource availability and demand from the grid. Sense provides the right tools.
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Our pilot program of Sense’s technology will help our customers understand their energy use better and help them to actively manage it in real time. Fostering this type of engagement is critical to the success of accelerating our transition to renewable energy…”

Ben Lipari, Director of Resource Development, Alliant Energy

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