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Pilot programs across North America have shown that Sense can help address high bill concerns and empower homeowners to reduce their energy use by at least 6%.

New Report:

Targeting the right customers for heat-pump or other HVAC upgrades could dramatically impact energy efficiency and carbon reduction goals for utilities. Read the report.

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Results based on pilot programs conducted by Efficiency Vermont and Alliant Energy using the Sense monitor.

Customer Engagement

More than half of homeowners check the Sense app on a weekly basis even a year after installation. Let Sense help your customers understand the value of energy and how to use it more cost-effectively.

High Resolution Data
From The Grid-Edge

Sense isn’t just a great app for homeowners, it can provide grid operators with high-resolution waveform data and analytics for enhanced load forecasting, peak demand management, DER integration, voltage anomaly detection, and Volt/VAR optimization. Sense provides unparalleled intelligence to help you efficiently manage grid edge infrastructure and make informed investment decisions.

Try it Yourself

We know that the best way to learn about Sense is to try it for yourself. Licensed professionals are eligible for a 15% discount on up to two Sense monitors, so you can start evaluating right away.

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