Meet Sense

Turn power into knowledge. Get real time access to home energy use right from your phone. On average, homes with Sense lower their electric bill nearly 8%.

Savings, made simple

Sense helps you find opportunities to save from Day 1. Get tips on how to make your devices run more efficiently. People who use Sense save, on average, 8% on their electric bill.

A personalized experience

After you tell us about your home, you can track your core devices and see where you’re using the most energy

Estimated usage

If Sense is able to identify a device, you will begin to see estimated usage and costs which helps you understand how much a device is contributing to your electricity bill.

Real-time usage

For some devices, you will see real-time data populate as Sense learns your home.

Introducing Watt Check

A simple way to check how much energy your light bulbs consume. Flip the switch and Sense will help you find opportunities to save.

A quick and easy way to find savings

Go around your home to get real-time estimates of how much energy your lights are using. Sense will walk you through the process and you’ll have answers in seconds.

Get real-time results on inefficiencies

Find out which lights are efficient and which could be switched to LEDs. Don’t forget to check your hard-to-reach and outdoor lights, too!

Track your usage

See your usage month-to-date and what you’re trending towards. Is your energy usage higher than you were expecting?

What’s happening right now

Using the Power Meter, you can see exactly how much energy your home is using right now.

Compare current vs. past energy usage

See how much energy you’ve used compared to the past month or year. Any surprises?

Monitor your home from anywhere. Know what’s happening at any time.

No matter where you are, Sense’s easy-to-use mobile app will keep you informed on what’s happening in your home.

Get real-time notifications. Keep your home running smoothly.

Sense can notify you when you’ve reached a new peak energy use level. If you’re surprised by the alert, check out the app to see what’s using energy in real-time.

On average, with Sense installed you can save up to 8% on your energy bill.

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Sophie R.

March 2021

I have had several different power monitors and this one is super. I can see near instant changes in the usage and load with the phone and web app. Everyone should have one.

David S.

March 2021

Knowing that is consuming our household electrical power and when, I am now able to change our behavior that will reduce our utility bill and help the environment. It can also alert me to something that ought to be running (like a sump pump) but has stopped for a specified period of time.

Liz N.

May 2021

We were early adopters and when there were any issues, the customer service was beyond excellent. We’ve had no issues in many years and I depend on its monthly readout to charge my tenant. The garage electrical panel in an open garage in north central Texas and the temperature (low or high) has never created any issues. We love it!