Introducing Sense HomeCheck

FREE BETA available to all Sense users

Unexplained power outage? Flickering lights? Malfunctioning appliance?

Let Sense take a look.
Sense HomeCheck is a free beta service for Sense users. Submit an incident report about a problem in your home, and a member of our data science team will investigate the malfunction and share their findings with you. As we gather data about incidents, Sense will begin to detect certain types of malfunctions automatically.

How it works

1. Submit

File an incident report with Sense when your home has an electrical malfunction. Incidents that Sense may be able to diagnose include: malfunctioning appliances, flickering lights, circuit breakers that repeatedly trip, brown-outs, blackouts, power surges, and very high unexplainable energy usage.

2. Review

Sense reviews report to determine whether we can address the incident. We will prioritize problems based on severity, likelihood that we can assist, and prevalence of this type of issue.

3. Notify

You will receive email notifying you whether your incident has been accepted for review. We’ll take a quick look at your request to see if we think we can help, and give you an estimate of how long it will take. This is a free beta service, and we may not be able to help everyone due to the volume and types of requests we receive.

4. Analysis

You will receive a response from the Sense Data Science team with our findings about your home. Because this is an early stage product and we are still in the data collection stages, we may not be able to diagnose all problems.

A few examples


A severe storm knocked out the neutral wire to Josh's home. This caused an over-voltage which blew out many of his appliances. Armed with data from Sense, Josh was able to receive compensation for the damage from his utility.


Sense helped Michelle pinpoint when a short-circuit occurred in her home caused by a contractor nicking a wire. With this information she was able to find the wire on her own, saving expensive electrician time hunting down and diagnosing the problem.


Using Sense, Howie noticed his home was not generating any solar power daily from 10:00 am - 3:30pm — the peak hours! He realized that his inverters were undersized, causing them to go offline and then reboot. Once the solar installer replaced his inverters, his solar production doubled.

Where we can help

Please submit an incident report with us for any of the following types of electrical malfunctions:

Appliance malfunctions

  • Furnace
  • AC
  • Fridge

Electrical problems

  • Tripping circuit breakers
  • Flickering lights
  • Short circuits

Power events

  • Brown-outs
  • Blackouts
  • Surges


  • Solar inverters
  • Very high bills

The HomeCheck beta period is now closed. We'd like to thank everyone who participated in the beta. We've received great feedback & participation. Stay tuned for future updates to Sense that incorporate learnings from this beta.