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We are happiest creating products for people’s everyday lives. The only thing better is working with a great group of people. Luckily, we get to do both.

Sense Labs was born from the simple idea that people should know what’s happening in their homes. We track calories, footsteps, miles per gallon, budgets, and rewards points — yet it’s astonishing that we know so little about the place where we spend so much time. Energy efficiency and home automation begin with information. We built the Sense home energy monitor to provide people with information about their homes in the simplest, most useful way possible.

We are deeply data, mobile, and consumer-oriented. We brought advanced speech recognition technology to mobile phones including voice search, voice text messaging and dictation, and voice-enabled virtual assistant technology. Our products are used globally in Samsung and other mobile phones and in Siri before its acquisition.

Now we’re putting all our energy into helping you better understand yours.

Meet the team

We work hard, have fun, and make sense puns.

Mike Phillips
CEO, Co-Founder
Founder and CTO of SpeechWorks and Vlingo. As a research scientist and graduate of MIT and Carnegie Mellon, Mike was among the first to commercialize speech recognition technology.
Christopher Micali
VP of Product, Co-Founder
Vlingo’s first Product Manager, Chris led the design and development of its consumer-facing mobile applications. He holds a BS in Computer Engineering from Tufts University.
Ryan Houlette
VP of Engineering, Co-Founder
Former Senior Architect at Vlingo, led development of its speech recognition service architecture. Ryan holds an MS in Computer Science with a focus on Artificial Intelligence from Stanford University.
Joe Bamberg
Lead Hardware Engineer
Joe led the development of electronic energy meters at Analog Devices that are used in millions of homes. He holds a MS in Electrical Engineering from the University of Miami.
Shakwan Burnett
Field Operations
and Device Discovery
Former IT Business Analyst at Aramark Higher Education, managed POS implementation projects and provided technical support to end users. Shakwan studied Computer Information Systems at Devry University.
Marshall Chapin
Chief Strategy Officer
Former VP of Sales at EnerNOC, COO/co-founder of Highland Pellets, and COO of Envision Education. MBA from Cornell University and BA from Kenyon College where he now serves on the Borad of Trustees.
Ghinwa Choueiter
Senior Data Scientist
and Machine Learning Engineer
Designed and implemented machine learning and natural language processing systems for Vlingo, DataXu and Hopper. Ghinwa holds a PhD in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from MIT.
Caleb Marcus
Data Scientist
Caleb joined the Sense team full-time after excelling in the 2014 summer internship program. He holds a BS in Physics and Computer Science from Brandeis University.
Fadi Saffouri
Software Engineer
Principal Software Engineer at Nuance, led the design and implementation of the voice assistant app for Samsung phones. Fadi holds a BSc in Computer Science from Concordia University.
Charlie Rutledge
VP Operations
An expert in scaling operations, as COO of Vlingo built its data center to millions of users daily. Led Speechworks' Professional Services team, growing it to 12 offices globally. Charlie holds an MBA from MIT Sloan.
Rhoda Ullmann
Director of Marketing and
Business Development
B2B and B2C experience. Sold and implemented global client solutions for Bertelsmann, launched new channels for Staples, led strategy to craft new brands and customer experiences. Rhoda holds an MBA from INSEAD.
John Watlington
Director of Hardware
Former VP of Hardware Engineering at One Laptop Per Child, led design and production of four generations of XO laptops. Designed consumer products for France Telecom and MIT. John is a graduate of the MIT Media Lab.

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