Alexa, is the washer running?

Integrate your dumb devices with your smart home with Sense's Alexa skill and integrations for IFTTT and Philips Hue.

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Sense Hue Integration
Sense IFTTT Integration
Sense Alexa Integration

Connect to IFTTT

Sense can communicate with devices across your entire home using the IFTTT protocol.

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Peace of Mind

"Alexa, ask Sense is my oven on."


"Alexa, ask Sense when did my garage door open."

Energy Savings

"Alexa, ask Sense how much power I'm using."

Integrate with Solar

"Alexa, ask Sense what my solar is producing."

How smart is your home?

We track calories, footsteps, miles per gallon, and frequent flyer miles - why not our energy use? Energy efficiency and home automation depend on good data. We've got just the thing.

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Sense energy app daily trends screen

What's your home telling you?

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