Keep tabs
on your home.

Remotely monitor home energy use from anywhere in the world with your iOS/Android device or web browser.
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Did I leave the oven on?

Keep your home safe and secure by checking in on devices when you can’t be there.

Did my guests get in ok?

Keep an eye on your rental properties from anywhere in the world.
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Is the sump pump running?

Set up notifications to give you a heads up before it ruins your vacation!

Stress-free vacations

Relax and enjoy your own summer vacation knowing that everything’s ok at home. Install Sense in each of your homes for year-round peace of mind.

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Monitor your rental property

Graciously host renters, family and friends while making sure your vacation home is secure, and your electric bill doesn’t go through the roof!

Smart home not required.

Sense is quick to install. It’s a small box that connects to your electric panel and a smartphone app. It requires no connected devices. Sense listens to everything in your home — smart or… not-so-smart.

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See what's up,
know what's on.

◦ No subscription fees
◦ 60-day money back guarantee
◦ Now shipping to the US and Canada