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Meet Sense

Sense works automatically, almost magically. It monitors your energy use so you see what’s on, how long it’s been running and what it’s costing you. And if you’ve ever wanted to know exactly how much energy you’re producing, now you can. Sense is even designed to work with your solar system, so you’ll see how your system is performing throughout the day.

Make the most of your solar investment

Make smart decisions about when to run high-energy use appliances, like a dryer or water heater.

Monitor system performance. Sense automatically monitors your solar energy system to spot performance issues or failures.

Identify energy waste. Find the energy hogs, and how much you could save by turning them off.

Track energy use over time

Track your production and energy use throughout the day, week, month, or billing cycle.

Set notifications

Alerts tell you about specific events, like when the garage door opens, if appliances or lights have been left on.

Identify energy waste

Find the energy hogs, and how much you could save by turning them off.

Get 10% off as a Sungevity customer.

Get Sense & Save

How does it work

Sense works by listening to the unique electronic signatures of devices in your home – TVs, HVAC, washer machines, irons and other appliances that are plugged in.

Sungevity customers save 10% on Sense

It installs in just a few minutes in your home’s electrical panel by a licensed installer. Install it in your home's electrical panel in just a few minutes with a licensed electrician.

Get Sense & Save