Sense Solar

Make the most of your solar investment with high-resolution realtime energy monitoring on your iOS or Android device,
or any modern web browser.


Monitor from anywhere

Compare solar production to energy consumption with an easy-to-use interface including overlaid graphs and historical trends. Identify energy hogs and find ways to become more efficient.

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How it works

Sense Solar installs in your panel using two additional sensors on the incoming solar feed.
See solar production and energy consumption side-by-side in a single view.
Maximize your solar investment by shifting energy use to times of peak production.

Everything you need

The Sense Solar bundle includes the Sense Monitor plus two additional sensors for collecting data from your breaker fed or parallel feed solar system. Add it to your existing solar system, or a new one.

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Sense Home Energy Monitor.

No subscription fees, 120-day money back guarantee, now shipping to the US and Canada.