Sense Solar

Monitor energy use and solar production. For homes with solar power systems.


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Savings, made simple

Sense helps you find opportunities to save from Day 1. Get tips on how to make your devices run more efficiently. People who use Sense save, on average, 8% on their electric bill.

A personalized experience

After you tell us about your home, you can track your core devices and see where you’re using the most energy.

Estimated usage

If Sense is able to identify a device, you will begin to see estimated usage and costs which helps you understand how much a device is contributing to your electricity bill.

Real-time usage

For some devices, you will see real-time data populate as Sense learns your home.

Introducing Watt Check

A simple way to check how much energy your light bulbs consume. Flip the switch and Sense will help you find opportunities to save.

A quick and easy way to find savings

Go around your home to get real-time estimates of how much energy your lights are using. Sense will walk you through the process and you’ll have answers in seconds.

Get real-time results on inefficiencies

Find out which lights are efficient and which could be switched to LEDs. Don’t forget to check your hard-to-reach and outdoor lights, too!

Know your solar

See exactly how much energy your home is using, producing or sending to and from the grid in real time. Sense Solar is designed to help you maximize your solar production and investment.

What’s happening right now

Using the Power Meter, you can see exactly how much energy your home is using right now. 

Take a deeper look

See how your solar production and electricity use trends over different periods of time. Are you using the solar you make, or selling it back to the grid?

Monitor your home from anywhere. Know what’s happening at any time.

No matter where you are, Sense’s easy-to-use mobile app will keep you informed on what’s happening in your home.

Get real-time notifications. Keep your home running smoothly.

Sense can notify you when you’ve reached a new peak energy use level. If you’re surprised by the alert, check out the app to see what’s using energy in real-time.

On average, with Sense installed you can save up to 8% on your energy bill.

How Sense Works

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See wattage for each bulb or group and turn them on or off in Sense.

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Voice queries, like “Alexa, ask Sense how much energy is my home using?”

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Wattage and control for the Wemo Insight smart plug.

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Wattage and control for all energy-monitoring smart plugs.

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Communicate with devices in your home using the IFTTT protocol.

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Sense Flex

Sense Solar





Sensors (2 per pair)

One pair

Two pairs

Two pairs

Compatible with

Homes without solar systems

One of the applications below

Homes with solar systems


400A split-service

Generator support

Dedicated Circuit Monitoring



September 2021

Went from not knowing anything about my specific devices power usage or solar generation to knowing a lot in a short time thanks to Sense. Definitely good to have a check on what the power company is charging you for…Sense is very accurate. Highly recommended even if you don’t have solar to get a better understanding of your usage and how you can save money.


September 2021

Sense is a unique device to monitor and optimize your energy usage. When you add solar panels a Sense becomes an essential tool to track your solar production in an efficient manner from anywhere with an Internet connection.


September 2021

I have never regretted my purchase. I use it everyday to log my usages and solar production.

Tech Specs

Size and Weight
137mm x 66mm x 32mm, 220g

Power consumption
< 5W, 0.1A

Current Transformer Specs
CAT IV 250V 200A max

Cable length: 46 (116.84cm)

Inside Diameter: 1” (2.54cm)

802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi Bluetooth Smart
Bandwidth use: ~300MB per day

Signal Processing
1MHz Sampling Rate (4M data points per second) 1GHz ARM Processor

Two sets, iron core, copper-wound sensors

Environmental Ratings

Relative Humidity: < 90%:

IPX0 rating, no water ingress

Temperature: 32-154ºF (0-68ºC)

Elevation: < 6562” (2,000m)


Sense Flex
Sense Solar

Real-time power meter accurate within 1% of utility meter

Machine learning device detection

ETL/Intertek certified for installation inside electrical panels

Custom device notifications (for found devices)

Power Meter and on/off event timeline for found devices

Custom goal setting and tracking

Whole-home historical energy and cost data by day, week, month, year, billing cycle

Device-level historical tracking by day, week, month, year, billing cycle (for found devices)

Time-of-use rate plan support, with high rate zone notifications

Significant energy change notifications by time period, type, or comparison

Automatic Always On electricity tracking with user-input device inventory

Similar home energy comparisons

Historical carbon intensity metrics

Current day carbon intensity forecast

Real-time fuel mix by regions (for supported regions)

Monthly email reports

Fully downloadable whole-home and device level data via web app

Web, IOS, and Android interface

400A split-service compatibility

Standby generator compatibility

Dedicated circuit monitoring for up to two circuits

Solar monitoring

Real-time solar production

Real-time solar utilization

Real-time solar sell-back

Historical solar production and utilization by day, week, month, year, billing cycle

Got questions?

Will Sense work with my solar panels?

Most likely! Your incoming solar feed must connect directly into your main electrical panel, either through a breaker or a service-side tap.


If solar is set up in a subpanel, the incoming solar feed should be within 46″ of the main panel. This will allow the current sensor cable to reach and connect to the Sense monitor in the main electrical panel. Extension cables are available in lengths of 4′, 12′, 25′, and 40′ should your solar feed be further than 46″ from your main electrical panel. These extensions can be combined to achieve larger lengths, but the maximum length should be no more than 80′.


For accurate solar production readings, there should not be any other live circuits connected to the subpanel.


If you aren’t sure if your particular setup will work, contact our Support team.

How do I install Sense Solar?

Installing Sense Solar requires the additional steps of installing the second set of sensors around the solar feed supplying power through the electrical panel.


Click here for detailed information on Sense Solar installation.

Is Sense Solar compatible with off-grid solar installations?

Sense Solar will work with off-grid solar systems (homes that are not tied to the utility and are powered only by another generation source like solar or wind) under the following conditions:

  • All of the power coming into the house is AC (alternating current).
  • Batteries are positioned upstream from the main panel.
  • Other standard system requirements are met.


If all the above are true, it should look basically exactly like a traditional Sense setup. Solar CTs should not be required because the solar panels are the only power source. f all the above are true, it should look basically exactly like a traditional Sense setup. Solar CTs should not be required because the solar panels are the only power source.

What insights can I expect from Sense Solar?

The Solar screen of the Sense app (available if you have Sense Solar) shows five primary usage stats. Solar stats can be accessed by double-tapping the Solar bubble, tapping the solar production icon, or accessing the Solar card via the Trends screen.


Your total, whole-home consumption for the period selected. The given cost is based on your billing rate, if provided.


Your total solar production for the period selected. The given cost is based on your billing rate, if provided.


To Grid
Your excess solar production sent to the grid. The given cost is calculated based on your sellback rate. You can set this in the Solar Settings screen.


From Grid
Your usage pulled from the grid and not covered by solar. The given cost is based on your billing rate, if provided. Powered by Solar The % Powered by Solar number refers to the amount of consumption that is being drawn from solar, relative to total consumption.


For example, if you consume 10kWh in the same period that you produced 10kWh of solar, you would be 100% powered by solar.


However, if you produced 10kWh during the daylight hours and consumed 5kWh during these hours plus another 5kWh at night (a total consumption of 10kWh for the day), only 5kWh would actually be covered by your solar production. The other 5kWh produced would be sent back to the grid as excess production. You would be 50% Powered By Solar for that day.

I already have a Sense monitor. Can I add Sense Solar?

Yes, you can add Flex sensors to your existing Sense monitor for $50.


Before you purchase, check to see if Sense will work with your solar panels.


If you aren’t sure if your particular solar setup will work with the Sense Monitor, please contact our Support team.