“The Sense home energy monitor is possibly the coolest tool ever invented to track home energy usage.”

“Your patience will be rewarded with great insight into your home’s electricity use”
“I can confidently say that after you install it, it will eventually become the smartest gadget in your home — and help you save money to boot.”
“I found myself switching things on and off to see what they consumed. I quickly realized that my decades-old attic fan—out of sight, out of mind—was consuming 500 watts.”
“Aside from the data-geek factor, this can give you a leg up in power consumption strategies. Informative data is powerful.”
“Starting at only $299, plus installation, Sense gives homeowners peace of mind and powerful information to take control of their home.”

Sense featured on "Ask This Old House"

In this “Future Home” segment, see how the Sense monitor works inside a real home. Ross Trethewey also takes us behind the scenes to explain how it all works.


“I love technology but this has exceeded my expectations. It was very easy to install and in 15 minutes I knew exactly how many Watts my home was using…I found things in my home that are drawing more power than I realized…I am only 2 months but absolutely love this. The app is great and is constantly listening to new signals. I was able to tell from work that one of my daughters left the sink water running and our well pump was drawing energy every 2 minutes to refill the tank. I am now excited to see my energy bill every month… to see the savings.”


“I am 1 week in. This thing is amazing. It has identified 7 devices in my house. That’s pretty good, but the best attribute is the instant real time data.

I can see the usage of one light fixture with Incandescents vs the same fixture with LEDS. Amazing savings! It’s well worth the money.”


“I absolutely love my Sense! I installed it myself included about 15 minutes and it’s working great so far.

Detections take some time but once the Sense detects something its VERY accurate.”

“This has changed my ideas about future appliance purchases, especially the hot water heater. I’m evaluating a refrigerator replacement, also, because of what my Sense monitor says about my current one. My Sense monitor will pay for itself.”
“Honestly, this technology is amazing, blows my mind and makes me smile when I see a new device it has discovered on my electrical ‘network’. There are monthly (usually even bi-monthly) updates to the device, and the company developers are active on their forum. I very much look forward to seeing where all our energy goes, and where we can reduce unnecessary usage.”
“Love the product and constant device updates. It’s a great all in one solution. I can even hook up two solar systems. There’s also great proactive customer support.”
“The instant feedback that this device gives on your energy usage is impressive. In my first month of use it has identified 17 devices. Some of the devices identified; boiler, table saw, kettle, microwave, dishwasher, shop-vac, stove, oven, sump-pump, refrigerator, and so on.”
“I really enjoy the visibility into this data of my energy use overall as well as the individual devices. It really does make you think about your usage and purchasing decisions.”

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