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Installation steps

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Download the Sense Pro app.

Log in using your Fleet Manager credentials.

Or use your Partner Key, found in the Support tab of Fleet Manager. Have a subcontractor? Give them your Partner Key so that they can complete installations on your behalf.

Install the Sense monitor.

Installation instructions are also included within the app.

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Confirm your successful installation inside the Sense Pro app.

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Enter the homeowner’s email address to complete the handoff.

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View installation details inside of Fleet Manager.

Already have Fleet Manager?

Fleet Manager is now available to all Sense Pros

You’ll need access to Fleet Manager to use the Sense Pro App.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Monitors purchased from the Sense Pro Store ( before July 2020 will require a firmware update to take advantage of the Senes Pro app, but this firmware update can happen onsite during the installation as long as there is a network available to connect the Sense monitor to. This network could be a temporary hotspot from a cell phone, or the homeowner’s network if available. The firmware update usually takes less than 5 minutes with a stable internet connection for the monitor. 

To help save time and data entry for your team, we have connected the Sense Pro App and Fleet Manager accounts so that all installation details can be seen inside of Fleet Manager immediately after the installation is complete. 

Fleet Manager is an online dashboard that allows you to view all of the Sense monitors your company has installed. Within Fleet Manager, you can see the details of each installation completed with the Sense Pro app, the online/offline status of each monitor, and even run reports on your customer's energy use (with their permission) to help them manage their usage, calculate the benefits of their solar production, and anticipate service needs.

Fleet Manager is available to all Sense Pro partners to help them manage installations and view their online status. Features such as data sharing can be enabled for partners who have sold more than 10 monitors through the Pro Program. To sign up for Fleet Manager, visit this page. Our partnerships team will review your information and email you with a username and temporary password once your account has been set up.

The Partner Key is a unique identifier that helps ensure any monitors installed by your team are attached to the correct partner account. It’s only needed if the installer that is using the Sense Pro app is not setup as a Fleet Manager user. Instead of logging into the Sense Pro app, they can simply enter the Partner Key and complete the installation. Your Partner Key can be found inside of Fleet Manager on the Support page. 

Important Note:
You may need to log out of Fleet Manager and then log back in to see your Partner Key for the first time. 


Log in to Fleet Manager and navigate to the 'Settings' screen by hovering over your name in the top right corner of the app. Inside settings, click 'Team' in the left column. This will reveal the 'Team Management' screen, where you can add or remove members. When adding a new member, you can choose whether they are an 'Admin' (with full access to all functionality) or a 'Member' (with access only to portions of the app that you select). You can update the privileges of any member by clicking on their name in the 'Team Management' section.

Once you’ve successfully completed an installation using the Sense Pro app, there is an option to enter the homeowner’s email address. This will send the homeowner an automated email with instructions for the next steps they need to take to setup their Sense account. If you did not connect the Sense monitor to the homeowner’s network, they will also receive instructions on how to complete that part of the installation process on their own. The Sense Pro app will instruct you to turn off the circuit breaker for the Sense monitor if it isn’t connected to a network. This helps to make the setup process easier for the homeowner, while also conserving energy.

If you don’t have the homeowner’s email address available at the time of installation, we recommend contacting them later with instruction on how to download the regular Sense app and setup their Sense account. For example, if you are installing Sense in a newly constructed home, the homeowner should be contacted after they move in.

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