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Unlock discounted pricing on Sense monitors and accessories and receive the exclusive training, tools, and support you need to increase sales and strengthen relationships with your customers.

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Helping Your Business Succeed

Give your customers an engaging way to track their energy use and solar production from their mobile devices while staying in touch with you. Your company’s name and logo can be branded prominently in the Sense app. Satisfied customers can contact you with a tap and easily provide referrals, helping you win new customers and efficiently build your business.

Become a Sense Pro

Become a Sense Pro

Become a Sense Pro

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Keith Murphy Rising Sun Solar

“Sense is a great add-on that complements our solar power product mix perfectly. Since adding Sense as a partner, we’re noticing our closing percentages increase and our customers are about as excited to get Sense installed as they are solar itself.”
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Rich Williams Alliance Green Builders

“When we installed a Sense device in a home that was not achieving net zero energy but should be, the owners figured out how to reduce their consumption dramatically and instantaneously. The home has been running net zero energy ever since.”

Tools To Help You Grow

Sense makes it easy to install monitor your entire fleet of Sense monitors, providing daily energy usage, solar production statistics and issue detection, and interval data reports, all enabled through the Sense Pro installation app and our online Fleet Manager web dashboard.

Sense is a proud member of:

Real-time Energy Audits

Take the guesswork out of what’s using energy inside your customers’ homes. Homeowners actively engage with their energy in the Sense app, which improves their ROI and reduces the payback period for solar and storage systems. With Sense, customers track their home energy and instantly see the impact when they reduce their usage, reducing high bill complaints, and providing natural opportunities for follow-on sales that can increase CLTV.

Improve Your Bottom Line

Learn how Sense has helped solar installers improve customer satisfaction and lower their CAC in this white paper from Frost & Sullivan.

Simple Installation

The Sense installation process is easy and intuitive, guided by the Sense app, and takes less than 30 minutes to complete. Sense connects to the home’s Wi-Fi network and the app even tests signal strength to ensure a strong and lasting connection.

How to get started

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Enroll as a Sense Pro reseller

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Check your email and verify your account

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We’ll review your information

Our partnerships team will be in touch for any extra information they might need.

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Once you’re approved you’ll receive:​

Log in information for the Pro Store with your discount automatically applied.
Marketing and sales enablement materials to help you get started.
Free training webinars for your sales and installation teams..
Exclusive access to our support team and materials to ensure your installations go smoothly.

Try it Yourself

We encourage you to try Sense yourself so you can share first-hand experiences with your customers. Save 15% as part of our exclusive trial program for licensed professionals. Offer is limited to two Sense monitors.
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Fleet Management Dashboard, keep an eye on your entire install base in a simple dashboard.

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Your customers can provide content for data sharing right through the Sense app.

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In- App Partner Content.

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Solar Solutions, monitor solar production and energy use in a single view.

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Sense provides high-resolution waveform data for DERMS and Volt/VAR optimization.

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