Plug in and take control

Track and control devices connected to energy monitoring smart plugs from Wemo and TP-Link Kasa.

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Sense Hue Integration
Sense IFTTT Integration
Sense Alexa Integration
Sense TP-Link Integration
Sense Wemo Integration

Alexa, meet Sense.

Access energy insights even more easily with our Alexa skill.

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Peace of Mind

"Alexa, ask Sense is my oven on."


"Alexa, ask Sense when did my garage door open."

Ok Google, let’s talk energy.

Ask what’s happening in your home with Google Assistant.

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Peace of Mind

"OK Google, ask Sense how much power I'm using."

Integrate with Solar

"OK Google, ask Sense what my solar is producing."

Connect to IFTTT

Sense can communicate with devices throughout your home using the IFTTT protocol.

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What's your home telling you?

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