Be a

If you own an EV or a smart thermostat, we are inviting you to join a select group of Sense users in a cutting-edge research program to gain insights into energy efficiency and cost savings for a home like yours.

Why Join

By enrolling your smart thermostat or electric vehicle charging in this one-year initiative, Sense will gather anonymized data from your registered devices. This data will be utilized to run device-specific events over the summer.

Our goal is to test and improve our ability to provide you with cost savings while reducing your carbon footprint and building more resiliency into the grid. Without a noticeable impact on your comfort.

For You

By joining the program, you’ll gain valuable insights into your energy use while contributing to the enhancement of Sense’s algorithms for better device detection. As a gesture of appreciation, you’ll also receive gift cards of $25 per device-specific event you participate in, for up to a maximum of $175.

For The Environment

We’re partnering with the U.S. Department of Energy, Fraunhofer USA and Boston University to advance building science and energy savings from device-specific events that will shape the future of energy management, driving us closer to a brighter, cleaner future.

How It Works

Take the survey to find out you qualify
Take a quick survey to find out if you can participate in the pilot!
Select the device you are trying to link
If eligible, you’ll be prompted to register your smart Thermostat and/or EV.
Login to your smart Thermostat or EV account

You will be redirected to our partner’s page to enroll your device. Use your credentials to login via a device-specific portal. Your credentials will not be stored.

Consent to
share data
Please keep in mind that Sense highly values your privacy & all data will be anonymized.
Successfully enrolled!
You are now successfully enrolled in the Pilot. A confirmation email will be sent shortly after!

Take the Survey to Join!

Join the program today and take the survey below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I opt out of the pilot program at any time?
Yes, you can opt out of the program at any time. Your participation is entirely voluntary, and you have the freedom to withdraw without any penalties.
Will the program disrupt my daily life?
We aim to minimize disruptions as much as possible. Our team will work with you to ensure that the program aligns with your preferences and comfort.
Will you share my data?
As part of the research program, we will be sharing data with the US Department of Energy, the Fraunhofer Institute & Boston University. All data will be anonymized and shared via secure channels.
Will you be controlling my registered devices during the program?
Beginning in May and running through September 2024, we will schedule up to 7 events where we will make small adjustments to your thermostat or modify your EV charge settings for a brief period to measure the impact on your energy consumption. Thermostat changes could be up to 3 degrees Fahrenheit. EV charging may be scheduled for specified times when energy is cheaper.
How long will these events last?
Events will typically last between 1 to 6 hours. During this time, we’ll fine-tune your registered devices for optimal energy consumption. Sense will ensure that these changes do not impact your day-to-day life or comfort.
How will I be informed about upcoming control events?
We will provide you with 24 hours notice and 1h notice before each event via the communication channel of your choice, either email or mobile push notification.
Can I opt out of events on specific days?
An option to opt out of events will always be presented when receiving advance notice via email (24h & 1h prior). You will simply have to press the “Opt-out of this event” button. You will also always be able to override the proposed thermostat/EV settings if they don’t align with your preferences, ending the event.
What happens if I encounter any issues during an event?
We are performing robust integration testing to minimize the chances of a problem occuring. However, if you experience any issues or have concerns during an event, you will be able to contact our support team immediately who will be aware of your participation.