Installation Instructions

Wiser Energy


Note: The Wiser Energy monitor should be installed by a qualified professional. Before installation, please read and review the safety warnings.

Wiser Energy components


Current Sensors

Power Cable

Antenna Assembly

Mounting Bracket (optional)


01 Turn OFF power

Installation of the Wiser Energy System requires removal of all power. Be sure to provide an alternate light source before beginning the installation procedures. Do not begin the installation procedures until all power is completely removed from the equipment inlcuding any alternate power sources.

1. Turn OFF the main feeder disconnect that supplies power to the equipment, or if the installation uses the revenue meter for isolation, arrange for the utility provider to remove power. If a main feeder disconnect is not present and the revenue meter cannot be used as an isolation device, contact the utility company for removal of power.

2. Turning OFF only the main circuit breaker is insufficient to remove power completely from the panel. Line side connections will still be live.

3. Apply the appropriate lockouts to the disconnecting means.

4. Turn OFF all alternate power sources connected to the equipment.

02 Remove panel cover

1. Apply appropriate PPE.

2. Remove the cover screws and remove the load center cover.

3. Measure the voltage from each line to neutral and from line to line to confirm that all power is OFF.

03 Find a spot for the Wiser Energy monitor

The Wiser Energy monitor is designed to fit within the main panel in order to monitor a home’s energy consumption.

Note: If there is no open space available, use an external enclosure following NECĀ® and local standards.

04 Install the antenna

Using the back of a screwdriver, punch out the knockout cover in the electrical panel. Then, insert the antenna.



Maintain 1 in. (25mm) minimum separation between the monitor and antenna extension assembly to load center parts (bus, stabs, circuit breakers, and power wires).

Failure to follow these instructions will result in death or serious injury.

05 Connect

Connect the power cable, antenna, and current sensors to the monitor. Be sure to insert the sensor into the outer port. The middle port is for advanced installations.

06 Clamp sensors around service mains

As a precaution, first plug the sensors into the Wiser Energy monitor.

Clamp the current sensors around the service mains so that both Wiser Energy labels face the same direction. The direction of the labels on the sensors should face the power source. Once placed in the final orientation, push the sensor lock in until you hear a click.

As a safety precaution, first plug the sensors into the Wiser Energy monitor.
07 Connect the power

(compatible with Square D 15-30 A thermal magnetic circuit breakers).

Dedicated Circuit Breaker Method

Add a new Square D brand two-pole 15-20 A circuit breaker into the load center. With circuit breaker OFF, connect the black power wire to one circuit breaker terminal and connect the red wire to the other terminal.

Two Wire Rated Lug Method

Existing Square D brand 15-30 A thermal magnetic two-pole circuit breakers in the load center have terminals that can accept two conductors. With the circuit breaker OFF, use half of the clamp plate for load wire and the other half for Wiser Energy power wire.

Pigtail Wire Method

With the cirucit breaker OFF, create a splice connection to the two-pole circuit breaker following the NEC and circuit breaker manufacturer guidelines for splice connector type and wire size.

Note: For all three methods, attach a white wire to an appropriately sized terminal on the neutral bus bar.

08 Close the panel

Replace the panel cover carefully to ensure that there is no pressure on the current sensor clamps that would cause them to open. Label the Wiser Energy circuit breaker with the included sticker.

09 Turn power ON, wait for chime

Once the panel is closed, restore power to the panel and listen for one minute for one of the following sounds:

Visit help for troubleshooting.

successSuccess Chime: Installation was successful!

success Repeating Beep: There is an installation problem. Check cable connections.

success No Sound: The Wiser Energy monitor cannot start. Check power cable connections.

10 Use the application to complete setup

Install the Sense app. Tap “Get Started” and follow the on-screen instructions. The app will guide you through the Wi-Fi setup and account creation process.