What is it?

Many devices, from consumer electronics to major appliances, silently sip energy (and money!), unbeknownst to most homeowners.

Consumer electronics are the most common culprits, but major appliances like pool pumps and furnaces can also make major contributions to your Always On usage.

Tips for reducing your always on load:


Unplug things that are not used often or at all (like a printer).



Put your always on devices on a power strip – or even better – a smart plug (Sense integrates with some!). Turn it off at night or when you’re away from your home.


What are your Always On offenders?

Some common top offenders are:
• Desktop computers ($30/yr)
• Laptop computers ($21/yr)
• Laser fax/printers ($8/yr)
• Subwoofers ($14/yr)
• DVRs ($60/yr)
• Video game consoles ($32/yr)
• DVD players ($14/yr)

What are yours?
Use the power meter to find out →