Meters with Sense make a difference

Sense’s real-time home intelligence is integrated with the market’s leading next-generation smart meters.


Meters committed


Average annual energy savings


Demand savings compared to leading behavioral demand program


User engagement compared to utility customer portals

Helping the global energy transition

Transitioning to a distributed, electrified and decarbonized future requires flexibility. Balancing efficiency with reliability, Sense creates transformative possibilities.

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Learn more about partnering with Sense

Delivering beyond

Sense activates change. Deciding how and when they consume energy, consumers lower their bills while achieving shared climate goals.

More satisfaction

With timely, detailed data about home energy use, Sense creates satisfied, proactive customers. Improved customer satisfaction ratings follow.

Meet carbon
reduction goals

Due to electrification, utilities must engage customers about shifts in energy resource availability and demand from the grid. Sense provides the right tools.

Reach the
people who
need you most

Disadvantaged communities rely more heavily on mobile phones than affluent customers. Sense offers them a simple, direct approach to energy savings.
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Our pilot program of Sense’s technology will help our customers understand their energy use better and help them to actively manage it in real time. Fostering this type of engagement is critical to the success of accelerating our transition to renewable energy…”

Ben Lipari, Director of Resource Development, Alliant Energy

Learn more about partnering with Sense