Jorge F., Massachusetts

Sense Paid for Itself In 1st Month!

"We live in Massachusetts so the cost per kwh is inherently much more expensive than average in USA, hence the higher savings in adopting sense…the culprit was the water circulation pump draining the 80 gallon water heater on a continuous basis!"
Saved $2,500/yr
James R., California

Sense Helped Find Water Heater Leak.

“My outdoor kitchen has a 6 gallon under sink hot water heater. It normally consumes 1.3kW at 1:30 duty cycle, so 1.04kWh/day. Yesterday morning it started to cycle on much more frequently…maybe a 4:10 duty cycle, thus 12.48kWh/day.”
Saved $86/mo
Mark R., Nevada

Time to Clean the Refrigerator Coils.

"Bought our current home in December of 2017. First this home was our vacation and retirement place as we lived in another location due to my job. I noticed after 12 months, the refrigerator that came with the home, was on longer than others..."
Saved $50/yr