Take Charge of Your Home Energy

Real-time data and powerful insights to help you save energy and lower your electricity bill. There are no subscription fees or in-app purchases.
Available on the Google Play and Apple App stores

Your Home is Now Equipped

Your Home is Now Equipped

Your utility has upgraded your home with a Sense-enabled electric meter. With its Wi-Fi capability you can download the Sense app, connect to your new electric meter and enjoy the benefits of Sense for free. Read on to find out how Sense can help you save energy and increase home awareness.

Save energy.
Save money.

See how much energy your home is consuming in real time and how it compares to previous months right from your phone. Understand how your activity impacts your electric bill and get tips on how to save. People who use Sense save, on average, 8% on their electric bill. 

Uncover energy hogs.
Minimize waste.

Did you know many devices in your home consume energy even when not in use? Whether they’re always on by default or have become inefficient over time, Sense can provide you with the information you need to reduce your energy waste and determine whether it’s time to upgrade that old AC or dryer.

Get real-time notifications. Keep your home running smoothly.

Gain peace of mind by ensuring that everything in your home is working the way it should.  Worried about heavy rains? Get notified if your sump pump isn’t running! Forgot to turn off the oven? Sense can notify you. Customize notifications to ensure that your loved ones at home are safe and well-protected.

Monitor your home from anywhere. Know what’s happening at any time.

Whether you’re at the office, running errands, or spending quality time with your family, Sense’s easy-to-use (iOS or Android) mobile app will keep you informed on what’s happening in your home. Free for electric customers.

Reduce your carbon footprint. Small changes have a big impact.

Power is Knowledge™. Sense gives you an unprecedented view of your home. It empowers you to use energy more efficiently and reduce energy waste. So you can do your part for the environment while saving on your electric bill.

Why Sense?

Sense’s mission is to reduce global carbon emissions by making homes smart and efficient. We make it easier for people to take care of their homes and to actively participate in a cleaner, more resilient future.
Electric utilities will install more than 20 million Sense-enabled meters by 2030.
Sense was founded in 2013 and has been selling home energy monitors to consumers since 2017.
The average user can save 8% on their electric bill. Many users save even more!


It’s not magic, but maybe it’s close?
Sense-enabled Electric Meter
Homes equipped with Sense-enabled electric meters can run the Sense app. Download the app and connect to your meter.
Sense Intelligence
Machine learning artificial intelligence processes how you use electricity to generate actionable insights.
Insights On
Your Phone
The easy-to-understand Sense app shows where you’re using electricity and helps you find places to save.
Download Sense now
Available on the Google Play and Apple App stores
Available on the Google Play and Apple App stores
Download in the App Store Download in Google Play


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Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my utility want me to use Sense?
Contrary to popular belief, your electric utility does not make more profit from selling more electricity. In deregulated energy markets, your electric utility is actually incentivized to help people save energy. It also helps to maintain grid stability and avoid brownouts. Everyone wins when we’re more energy efficient.
How does Sense know what’s happening in my home?
Sense starts by sampling data from your electric meter, processing it, and sending small bits of information to our cloud. Our team of data scientists have developed machine learning algorithms that analyze the data and look for individual devices in your home’s electrical signals. This is a complex process, rooted in some of the same technology used for speech recognition. Sense is trying to separate the “voices” of each individual device in your home from the “noise” of all the other activity in your home, and then recognizing patterns in these “voices” to help determine what they might be. Once the algorithms identify a signal as an individual device, a model is automatically developed to track that device within the home. That model is tracked within your electric meter and in our cloud so that when we detect activity from that device we can send real-time data about its activity to you through our iOS, Android or web app.
What does Sense do to protect my privacy?
At Sense we take security very seriously and we do everything we can to ensure your data is secure. All communications between the Sense-enabled electric meter, the Sense cloud servers, and Sense apps are encrypted with AES 128-bit encryption and TLS/SSL (HTTPS). Sense uses Amazon Web Services (AWS) for cloud servers and online storage. Personally identifiable information like email address and account information is stored in physically separate systems from any application data. Physical security is managed by Amazon and access to these production systems is limited to a very small group of Sense engineering team members. Automated systems process the data collected from Sense monitors to detect devices, send notifications, generate report emails, and power the Sense apps. Sense never shares any of this data with 3rd parties without explicit user opt-in on a case-by-case basis (for example, when a utility wishes to provide discounts/services to their customers in exchange for sharing limited power data.) Sense support employees will on occasion need to access some of this data to troubleshoot issues, but we will only access this data with explicit permission from you.
Do I need Wi-Fi to use Sense?
Yes, Sense relies on your home Wi-Fi network to send information from your electric meter to our cloud servers where we process the information and relay it to your phone via the Sense Home App.
Is Sense really free?
Yes, it is! Neither Sense nor your utility charge subscription fees to use the Sense Home App. We all benefit when electricity users reduce their consumption and find ways to make their home more energy efficient. The environment benefits, too, which makes us very happy. In fact, it’s kind of our mission.