Reviews of the Sense Home Energy Monitor

Introducing the Sense home energy monitor

“The Sense home energy monitor is possibly the coolest tool ever invented to track home energy usage.”

Sense featured on "Ask This Old House"

In this “Future Home” segment, see how the Sense monitor functions inside a real home, and learn more about the machine learning and data science behind device detection.

Sense energy monitor review: Your patience will be rewarded with great insight into your home's electricity use

“Sense energy monitor review: Your patience will be rewarded with great insight into your home’s electricity use”


Sense Device Can Help you Make Sense of your Electricity Bills

“Starting at only $299, plus installation, Sense gives homeowners peace of mind and powerful information to take control of their home.”

This Gadget Can Help Save You Big Bucks On Your Power Bill

“I can confidently say that after you install it, it will eventually become the smartest gadget in your home — and help you save money to boot.”

Find Out Which Appliance Is Sucking All Your Power

“I found myself switching things on and off to see what they consumed. I quickly realized that my decades-old attic fan—out of sight, out of mind—was consuming 500 watts.”

“It has easily cut my already low usage by 20%. Knowledge is power…my bill was around $90 a month before this device. I am at $77 now. Not bad for a 3000 sq. ft. house with a family of 5 and a pool.”

Tom B., Virginia Beach, VA

Sense Home Energy Monitor (Editor's Ranking: Excellent)

“Granted, $300 plus installation isn’t cheap, but if it helps you lower your monthly utility bill by just $20 per month, the Sense will pay for itself in short order and may save you a bundle in the long run.”

“I love it! Install was a breeze. Device detection started within 48 hours. Sense has created awareness with my wife and myself. We try harder. Our behaviors have changed.”

David D., Park Ridge, IL

Monitor your home appliances with Sense's affordable load monitoring system

“While a fully functioning smart-home might be out of your price range, Sense’s affordable monitoring system offers a worthy — and useful — alternative.”

“Sense helped identify a failing aquarium heater, which was impacting my pet turtle. First symptom was behavioral, not electrical. The turtle was sleeping much more, and stopped eating. The water and filter had become dirty with uneaten food. Looking at the 100W heater in Sense I found the usually stable and repetitive pattern had become highly erratic, often not running for 1/2 day at a time.”

Jim S., Groton, MA