How it works.

  1. Install the Sense monitor in your electric panel.
  2. Download the app for iOS or Android.
  3. Connect the monitor to Wi-Fi.
  4. Start listening! Monitor your power use in real time right away.
  5. Over the next few weeks, Sense will start automatically identifying devices, reveal trends in your power use, and keep getting smarter!

Simple installation.

Installing the Sense monitor doesn’t require any rewiring, but should only be done by a licensed electrician. Just two clamp on sensors around your mains and a 240V breaker.

Meet the power meter.

Monitor your electricity use in real time to the second. With Sense, you can track the power consumption of “dumb” devices like your AC, oven, dryer, or dishwasher just by watching the Power Meter when they turn on & off.

Sense listens.

Every electrical device has a unique electronic signature — its own voice. The Sense home energy monitor listens to those voices through current sensors in your electric panel. It records them millions of times per second. Then advanced machine learning detection algorithms work to distinguish one appliance from another — to recognize each individual voice. Over time, more and more devices are discovered as the Sense community grows.

Making your smart home smarter.

The data Sense captures is visualized through an app, so you can see your usage in a way you can understand and act upon. It’s all about giving you a deeper look into what’s really happening in your home.

  • Set goals, budgets, and custom alerts​
Set goals to track your progress and stay on budget. Sense tells you when you’re off target.
  • Enable device-level notifications​
Set alerts for when the garage door opens, the sump pump turns on, or when the dryer’s done.
  • Identify sources of energy waste​
Find energy hogs, identify vampire loads, and see how much they’re costing you.
  • Keep tabs on your home​
Stay safe and secure by checking if the oven was left on, or the iron got unplugged.

Safety is important.

Any device inside your electrical panel should be designed and certified to meet the highest safety standards. In addition to extensive in-house testing, the Sense monitor has been tested to UL and IEC standards for safety, and certified by ETL/Intertek as safe to install in your electrical panel. Intertek is a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL) and the ETL mark is functionally equivalent to the UL mark.

An ETL Certification Mark (also known in the US as a Product Listing Mark) is awarded to a product by a third party assessment body to recognise that a product fully meets a set of performance criteria for particular set of product characteristics. For electrical products these are typically characteristics such as (but not exclusively) safety. 

See what's up. Know what's on.

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