Save Energy and Money.

Understanding how much energy your home is using, when and where, empowers you to find savings. Sense gives you the tools to break it down and take action.

Usage trends by day, week, month, and billing cycle help demystify your electrical bill. What patterns emerge in your home and why? Where is your opportunity to save?
Goals give you a target for improvement. Set them for the whole home or by device, by day or month, in watts or dollars. Pick what challenges you and work toward savings!
Use the Power Meter to see what’s happening in real time. Unplug the things that are off to see how they might be contributing to your Always On load. The average Sense user is drawing more than 200W all the time.

See What’s Up.
Know What’s On.®

Get a view into your home you can’t get anywhere else. See when the garage door opened, the television turned on, or when the dryer finished its cycle. Save a trip down the stairs!

Avoid Disaster.

Sure, it’s convenient to know when certain devices turn on and off, but it may just save your house, too. Heavy rains? See if your sump pump is running, or running too much! Think you forgot to turn off the oven? Set an alert to inform you if it’s been on for over an hour.

Plays Nice With Others.

Sense integrates with select IoT devices to give you more control, with your voice or inside the Sense app. See what’s possible when you link Sense with Hue, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and smart plugs from TP-Link/Kasa and Wemo.

How it Works.


The Sense monitor installs in your electrical panel. (We recommend you have an electrician do that.)


The monitor reads the electrical current being drawn and sends the data to the cloud.


Sense analyzes that data and sends it back through the app on your phone or desktop.


Over time, it learns what’s happening in your home, detects devices, and provides information on your energy use.

Safety is Important.

Any device inside your electrical panel should be designed and certified to meet the highest safety standards. In addition to extensive in-house testing, the Sense monitor has been tested to UL and IEC standards for safety, and certified by ETL/Intertek as safe to install in your electrical panel.

Home Insight Found Nowhere Else.

Your home can tell you a lot and Sense is finding new ways to provide visibility to what’s happening and hiding. Through Labs, we preview new features that help you become more energy efficient. Read more here or check out the projects below.

Connect With Your Home.

No subscription fees, 120-day money back guarantee,
ships to the US and Canada.