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Pilot programs across North America have shown that Sense can help address high bill concerns and empower homeowners to reduce their energy use by at least 6%.

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Results based on pilot programs conducted by Efficiency Vermont and Alliant Energy using the Sense monitor.

Managing High-Bill Complaints

Cooperatives, Munis, and IOUs around the country are using Sense as a cost-effective metering tool to help homeowners identify energy hogs and diagnose high-bill issues.

Solutions For Co-ops and Their Members

Sense can offer a $40 discount on the Sense monitor, so your members can start monitoring their energy use in real-time from their phone, computer, or mobile device. Add a rebate to extend even more savings to your members.

You can also purchase up to 15 monitors at a 15% discount to try Sense out, or to reuse them to help as many of your members as possible find savings.

Real Stories from Real Homeowners

“I bought Sense to better understand how I was using energy, and as a tool to help manage my consumption. My electric bill is stupid high every month, and to add insult to injury the utility sends a usage chart every month as comparison to neighbors and energy efficient users.”

“What I found was the garage fridge would run for 100 minutes, turn off for 10-15 minutes, then run for another 100 minutes, all day long.”

“The first thing Sense identified was the submersible well pump. It was running 10 min on/ 10 min off 24/7. The pressure switch was stuck on. Replaced the pressure switch and now it only runs for 1 minute, 4 or 5 times a day.”

“Dad is 88 and over the winter I got him a small space heater that he can run during the day when I’m at work if he gets cold. I was under the impression he used that heater for no more than an hour or so each day. What I’ve learned is that heater is on almost constantly when I’m away from the house. That might be only a little over a dollar each day in electricity but it adds another $35-$40 to the monthly electric bill”


High Resolution Data
From The Grid-Edge

Sense isn’t just a great app for homeowners, it can help grid operators forecast load, manage peak demand and integrate distributed energy resources. With its unique, high-resolution waveform data and analytics, Sense can also enhance voltage anomaly detection and conservation voltage reduction.

Sense – unparalleled intelligence to help you manage the grid better.

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