Network Device Identification

Many devices connected to your home's network broadcast their status periodically. Sense has a new opt-in feature that listens to these broadcasts in order to improve and speed up detection of your WiFi-connected devices. This data will help Sense improve its machine learning models for the entire community! You can enable this feature under 'Settings' then 'Data Sources' in the Sense app.

What to Expect

You probably won't notice anything right away. However, once enabled Sense will start collecting additional clues about devices in your home as they power on, off, or switch to standby/idle modes. In the future, Sense will be able to correlate these events with the power signals it is monitoring.

A good example of this type of device is a media console such as an Xbox, Playstation, or Apple TV. These types of devices broadcast in your home network since they can pair or connect with other devices. Turning this feature on should thus allow Sense to recognize these devices faster and more accurately than it would otherwise. It will be a while before we have good coverage of all sorts of network connected devices, but we hope to have some common devices working in the next few months - once we get enough users to enable the feature and allow us to start analyzing data!

Your Privacy is Important to Us

Any broadcast messages Sense picks up on in your WiFi network will be used only for device detection. Sense is not able to inspect any content since it only listens for broadcast messages (sent via SSDP/ UPnP, Zeroconf, and ARP). No other traffic on your network is captured or inspected.

We will only turn this feature on with explicit permission from users. Keeping your data secure, and in your control, is central to how we run our company and how we build and sell our product. Most importantly, we believe that your data belongs to you, and that it is confidential. You can read more about our Privacy Policy here.

Something Not Right?

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