Always On: What is it?

Many of the devices in your home contribute to your electric bill even when they’re not in use. Some devices, like your Wi-Fi router, need to be on and are constantly in use. Others, like your smart TV, may not actually need to run 24/7. Your “Always On” power provides insight into how much power these devices are using and thus costing you.

Did you know that Always On power accounts for 23% of consumption in the average home? In the average Sense home, it will cost over $250 every year. The devices in your entertainment center alone may be costing you over $100 annually — while you’re not even using them!

Note that because Always On is calculated as an average over a 24-48 hour period, it can occasionally include consumption from devices that you may not typically consider as “vampire” loads, like a space heater left running during a cold spell. 

For some devices, like smart plugs and dedicated circuits, we can detect Always On at the device level. If you want to know how much your other devices may be constantly using, be sure to search the Always On device database and add your devices to your Always On devices list.


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