Learn what causes a peak energy event

Sense will alert you when you’ve hit a new usage peak in your home. You can manage these notifications via Settings > Notifications. 

This alert happens when Sense sees your home use more energy than ever before.

What causes a peak event?

New device

Did you just install a major new appliance, like new HVAC or kitchen equipment, or recently purchase an electric vehicle? Fitting a major new load into your existing schedule can easily trigger a new usage peak.

Behavioral change

Maybe you changed jobs or your kids just started school, causing a change in usage patterns? Shifting around your usage may be enough to trigger a new usage peak in some cases, especially combined with other reasons from this list.


Seasonal devices like pool pumps and heating/cooling equipment use a lot of electricity and can easily cause a new usage peak in your home, especially if it’s a harsh winter or summer or if it’s your first season with Sense.

Device running when it shouldn’t be

Is it spring but you forgot to disable your roof or driveway heat? Is it winter but you left the pool pump running? Leaving a major load running needlessly can cost you a lot of money and easily cause a new usage peak.

Problem device

The above reasons are pretty mundane, but sometimes more serious problems can trigger a new peak alert.

If none of the above reasons seem to apply, you may be dealing with a faulty appliance that’s pulling more power than usual. If you’re seeing a major change and cannot attribute the cause, it may be time to call an electrician.

When should you be concerned?

When should you care? In general: when it’s costing you money needlessly or creating a safety hazard.

A device suddenly using more than normal should be investigated. If you can’t attribute the usage surge to seasonality, a settings change, or any of the above reasons, something may be wrong and professional help should be sought.

At the extreme, high peak loads can trip breakers not rated for the usage. If you’re consistently tripping breakers aligned with peak alerts from Sense, it’s best to reach out to an electrician.

Safety concerns aren’t the only problem. Increased usage means increased costs. If your peak usage is costing you more than it needs to, there are options to save you money:

Try scheduling your loads differently — programmable or smart thermostats, pool pump and water heater timers, and EV charging scheduling can all help optimize when your loads use the most energy. To combat devices running when they shouldn’t be, make use of notifications in the Sense app to see when major seasonal loads like pool pumps and roof heaters turn on and off. It can also be helpful to create a checklist for when the seasons change.