Device Detection

Once the sensor check is complete, Sense begins listening to your home. Sense detects your devices over the course of days and weeks by sampling many hours of data and then training itself.

What to Expect

Sense is a learning device. In order to detect devices, Sense needs to listen to your devices operating in their typical manner. Please don't try to train Sense. Devices like refrigerators that turn on and off frequently will usually be detected in the first few days. Other devices will take a few weeks because they are used less frequently. Once detected, you'll see your devices in the bubbles, timeline, device list, and usage data.

Why Can't I Train Sense?

Sense relies on dozens of clues to detect devices, not just their power draw. It is important for Sense to see your devices behaving normally and trying to train Sense masks these important clues. For example, a washing machine has many different electrical signatures as it heats up the water, agitates, rinses, spins, etc. It would be nearly impossible (and very boring) for you to train Sense about each device and its many states. You can learn more in this blog post.

You can help by identifying and renaming "unnamed" devices. This helps Sense learn and can help Sense auto-name similar devices in the future. Every device you rename helps Sense learn and improve.

Something Not Right?

Contact us with questions, comments, concerns, or feedback. We're ready to help. Just tap the feedback button in the upper right hand corner of your app screen or email us at and we'll get back to you.