Alexa, meet Sense.

Talk to all the devices in your home, not just the smart ones.

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Peace of Mind

"Alexa, ask Sense is my oven on."


"Alexa, ask Sense when did my garage door open."

Energy Savings

"Alexa, ask Sense how much power I'm using."

Integrate with Solar

"Alexa, ask Sense what my solar is producing."

How it works

Install Sense in your home's electrical panel and get insight into your energy use and home activity with the Alexa skill, or anywhere in the world through the iOS/Android app.

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"I can confidently say that after you install it, it will eventually become the smartest gadget in your home - and help you save money to boot."

Time Magazine

Smarthome not required.

Sense is quick to install. It's a small box that connects to your electric panel and a smartphone app. It requires no connected devices. Sense listens to everything in your home - smart or... not-so-smart.

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Sense energy app daily trends screen

What's your home telling you?

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